Mechanical Repairs

Here at GP Service we aim to provide a solution to all your automotive needs under the one roof.

When servicing your car we provide a thorough safety check as well as checking all fluid levels and safety lights. We use only high quality semi-synthetic oils, and high quality filters.

As we are licenced Roadworthy Inspection Testers (RWC) we can also provide a fully qualified inspection of your vehicle if you are looking to purchase or sell.

GP Service is a RDA Brakes Distributor which gives us a great availability to all brake pads and rotors. As a specialist in breaking systems we’ve invested in an on-car disc lathe which is a digital machine to ensure you get smooth and efficient breaking.

Suspension work is another area that we specialise in, whether you are lowering or raising your car. We also repair squeaking bushes or any knocking steering components, and this can be done at an affordable price.

We also stock a large range of tyres for all types of vehicles including sports cars and 4WD’s. At GP Service we have access to most of the brands sold within Australia.

Our Services


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Mechanical Repairs

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