Brake Repairs

GP Service is a registered Rotors & Drums Australia distributor meaning we sell quality Australian products both to the customer and other workshops at a very affordable price.

As an RDA Supplier we have access to a wide range of products for every make and model car. We stock a variety of brake pads and discs for the common car as well as some heavy duty brake pads for common 4x4s. As well as Australian Products we sell Premium English EBC Brake pads which are excellent on all European cars. EBC Brakes also come in High Performance Racing Pads for Track use or for aggressive road driving. German Brembo Brakes can also be ordered in at request.
As well as providing and fitting replacement parts we have a computerised On-Car Disc Lathe to stop brake shudder and ensure a Smooth braking experience. We also have an up to date scan tool that allows us to reset electronic hand brakes on late model cars.
So no matter wether you need replacement brakes or an Upgraded Braking System we have the knowledge and equipment to have you stopping safely every time you brake.

George the owner operator and manager has been in the Motor Trade for the entirety of his working career. George started GP Service & Discount Tyres in 2001 following many years managing at different locations across Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.

George believes the his number one asset is the hardworking nature of his staff, who care about their client’s motoring needs and look to ensure all of their customers are happy with their experience at GP Service, whether it be for a regular logbook service or more detailed engine repairs, replacement of brake pads, tyre fittings, punctures and more.